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Security cages are indispensable in various industrial and commercial settings across the UK, serving as robust barriers to safeguard valuable equipment, tools, and hazardous materials. These cages are constructed using durable materials such as steel mesh or bars, designed to withstand tampering and ensure restricted access only to authorized personnel. In environments where Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations apply, these cages play a critical role in securely storing chemicals, solvents, and other hazardous substances. By providing a secure enclosure, they help prevent unauthorized access and ensure compliance with safety protocols, thereby reducing the risk of accidents or misuse.

The primary function of security cages extends beyond mere storage; they act as physical barriers that deter theft and protect against potential hazards. In warehouses and factories, these cages are strategically placed to house COSHH-compliant cabinets or shelving units where hazardous materials are stored in accordance with strict safety guidelines. This setup not only enhances workplace safety but also facilitates efficient inventory management and regulatory compliance. Moreover, security cages are often equipped with lockable doors and access controls, further enhancing their utility in high-risk environments where the protection of sensitive or dangerous materials is paramount.

From pharmaceutical facilities to laboratories and manufacturing plants, security cages are tailored to meet specific security and safety requirements. They are customisable to accommodate different storage needs, ranging from small, lockable cabinets for storing flammable liquids to larger enclosures for bulk chemical storage. By segregating hazardous substances within designated areas, these cages contribute to a systematic approach in handling and managing COSHH-related risks, thereby promoting a safer working environment for employees while ensuring regulatory adherence throughout the UK industrial landscape.