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Who are we? What do we know?

So, Who are we? – Starting out as an idea from one person (myself – Gary), we are a small collaborative team that wanted to help workplaces across the UK not only perform well but exceed in all areas of safety.

What do we know? – Having experienced and visited countless working sites across various industries, its clear to see our work will not end just yet. Improvement does not stop.

Who Are We? - A collaborative team
What do we know? - Warehouse experience

Over 15 years of personal experience within senior warehousing operations, with full control of HSE across multiple sites. 
Warehousing and logistics is one of the largest and most important areas to bring about top tier safety.
Having worked personally within this industry for such a long time, we are absolutely passionate to help change environments and mindsets to ensure no one goes to work unsafe.

10 years experience of factory management and production environments, heading up HSE teams and projects.
Factory and production areas can be very niche in their needs, with a huge variation of environments to suit. From the really dusty to ultra clean, we can advise can point you in the right direction for regulatory compliance and exceed them to build trust from the staff.

Who are we? - Experiences in factory management
What do we know? marketing and sales

Extensive experience of sourcing products for multiple workplaces, curating the best from across the country, utilising a sales and digital marketing background.
We have worked with many industries that are traditionally not associated with demanding safety needs, some of these are the tourism industry and offices.
Past successful relationships with suppliers and customers to this day ensure that we offer a personable and effective solution.

All of this experience together brings us to HSE Store Ltd where we can offer our knowledge and time served to you, to improve safety and efficiency at your workplace.
Yes we are a new company however, understanding where we have come from is how we build trust going forward and work with our future friends.

Who we are? - trustworthy


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