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Locker rooms serve as essential facilities in various environments such as gyms, workplaces, and schools, providing secure storage and a place to change clothes. The setup typically includes an array of lockers available for purchase in various sizes and materials to meet specific needs. For instance, metal lockers are common in schools due to their durability, while workplaces might opt for laminate or wooden lockers that offer a more polished aesthetic. Besides lockers, these rooms often feature changing room furniture, including benches for comfort while changing and shoe storage units to keep footwear organised and off the floor.

In workplaces, the choice of lockers can vary significantly depending on the industry. For instance, businesses that require personal protective equipment (PPE) often provide specialised PPE lockers. These lockers are designed to store safety gear like helmets, gloves, and protective clothing separately from personal items to maintain hygiene and organisation. Additionally, some workplaces offer smart lockers with digital locks and charging capabilities for electronic devices, reflecting the growing integration of technology in everyday life. The layout of these lockers is also carefully planned to optimise space and ensure easy access for employees.

Gyms and schools require lockers tailored to their unique needs. Gym lockers are typically larger to accommodate workout clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items. They often come with ventilation to prevent odours and built-in locks or padlocks for security. In contrast, school lockers are usually more compact, designed to fit textbooks, laptops, and personal items. These lockers often feature durable construction to withstand daily use by students. Both gym and school locker rooms benefit from additional furniture like benches, which provide a convenient place for individuals to sit and change, contributing to a more organised and user-friendly environment.