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Drum sumps are containment units designed to catch leaks, spills, or drips from drums, providing a secondary containment system to prevent environmental contamination and comply with regulatory requirements. These sumps are typically made of durable materials such as polyethylene or steel and feature a watertight construction to contain hazardous substances safely. In the UK, legislation such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations and the Environment Agency guidelines require businesses to implement measures to prevent the pollution of water sources and soil. As part of these regulations, companies that store or handle hazardous substances must use appropriate containment measures, including drum sumps, to mitigate the risk of spills and leaks. Drum sumps help businesses comply with these regulations by providing a reliable solution for containing and managing potential spills or leaks from drums, protecting the environment and minimizing the risk of regulatory fines or penalties.