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The Steptek Wheel Along 2, 3, and 4 Steps are designed for efficient mobility and safety, featuring a unique design that includes wheels on the rear frame for easy transportation when tilted backward. Once upright, the steps remain stable and secure, making them suitable for various environments like offices, retail spaces, and educational institutions. Each model offers a choice of two, three, or four steps with high-rise handrails, ensuring user safety during use.

These steps come with a choice of rubber or anti-slip treads, both available in black, to enhance grip and prevent slips. The durable powder coating is offered in four colours: red, blue, yellow, and grey. The four-step model includes additional handrails on the sides for extra stability. The steps are built to be robust yet easy to manoeuvre, making them versatile for different applications in the public sector and other settings.

Manufactured in the Midlands, the Steptek Wheel Along steps come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects, underscoring their quality and reliability. The steps are designed with a high-quality epoxy coating for longevity, and replacement parts such as castor systems and treads are available for purchase.