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Drum trolleys are indispensable tools used in various industries for the safe and efficient transport of drums and barrels. These trolleys come in different types to accommodate different drum sizes, materials, and handling requirements. Some common types include single-drum trolleys, which are designed to transport a single drum, and multi-drum trolleys, which can handle multiple drums simultaneously. Additionally, there are specialty drum trolleys designed for specific applications, such as tilting drum trolleys for easy pouring or dispensing, and pneumatic drum trolleys for lifting and manoeuvring heavy drums. Drum trolleys are widely used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and construction sites, where drums containing liquids, chemicals, or hazardous materials need to be moved safely and efficiently. By providing a stable and ergonomic solution for drum handling, these trolleys help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents associated with manual handling, while also improving productivity and workflow efficiency.