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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Cabinets are essential safety equipment used to store hazardous substances in compliance with UK regulations. These cabinets are specifically designed to securely contain chemicals, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful fumes, spills, and accidental contact. Constructed from robust materials such as steel, COSHH cabinets typically feature lockable doors, internal shelving, and ventilation systems to ensure safe and organised storage. They play a crucial role in workplaces such as laboratories, factories, and schools, where hazardous substances are routinely handled.

In accordance with COSHH regulations, these cabinets must meet specific criteria to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment. They are usually colour-coded and clearly labelled to indicate the types of substances stored within, such as flammables, corrosives, or toxic materials. This not only aids in the quick identification of hazards during emergencies but also helps in maintaining proper segregation of incompatible chemicals. Regular maintenance and inspections are mandated to ensure that the integrity of the cabinets is not compromised and that they continue to provide effective protection.

Moreover, COSHH cabinets are integral to a comprehensive risk management strategy within any organisation dealing with hazardous substances. They help in mitigating potential health risks by minimising the likelihood of chemical accidents, which can lead to serious health issues or environmental damage. Proper training on the use of COSHH cabinets is crucial for employees, ensuring that they understand the importance of these cabinets and adhere to safety protocols. By implementing COSHH cabinets as part of their safety measures, organisations not only comply with legal requirements but also demonstrate a commitment to the wellbeing of their staff and the preservation of the environment.