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The Classic Plus Colour Range from Redhill Manufacturing prioritises safety through its thoughtfully designed steps. Each step is equipped with either anti-slip or ribbed rubber treads, ensuring a firm footing even in slippery conditions. The robust, fully welded steel construction adds to the stability and durability of the steps, making them suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial environments.

For added security, the Classic Plus models with four or more treads feature double rail guards and extended handrails. These enhancements provide additional support and balance for users, reducing the risk of falls. The extended handrails are particularly useful for ensuring safe transitions when ascending or descending the steps.

In terms of versatility, the Classic Plus Colour Range comes in various models, offering 2 to 5 treads to accommodate different height requirements. Each model is finished with a powder-coated paint, not only adding a splash of colour but also providing a durable, scratch-resistant surface. This combination of safety features and durable design ensures that the Classic Plus Colour Range meets high standards of workplace safety and reliability.