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The Steptek Single Sided 2 Steps embody versatility, strength, and safety. Offering various configurations, these mobile steps cater to diverse needs: they come without a handrail, with a single grab handle, or with twin-sided handrails and a crossbar. Notably, the crossbar is adaptable, allowing for the attachment of optional accessories such as hook-on baskets or trays. Crafted from tough ERW mild steel tube framework, these steps assure sturdiness and durability. Moreover, they come with a durable epoxy finish available in a spectrum of seven vibrant colours including green, red, blue, yellow, grey, orange, white, or sand.

Equipped with dome-covered, spring-loaded, swivel castors, these steps ensure easy manoeuvrability. The castors retract when weight is applied, ensuring firm ground contact for enhanced stability. Featuring covers with a double-rolled bottom edge and protective cover strip, and grey non-marking tires, these steps prioritize safety and reliability. Users have the option to choose between rubber or anti-slip treads, making them suitable for various workplace environments, including shops, offices, schools, and hospitals.

Whether in bustling retail spaces or high-traffic educational institutions, these steps offer a reliable solution for accessing elevated areas. Their adaptable design, coupled with robust construction and safety features, makes them an ideal choice for any workplace seeking both practicality and durability.