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Redhill Manufacturing presents the Steptek Narrow Aisle BSI Kitemark Mobile Steps, engineered to excel in environments with restricted space. Featuring narrow width treads, these robust step units are the go-to solution for locations with narrow aisles. Crafted from all-welded steel, their durability is unmatched, while a hard-wearing powder-coating offers added protection. Choose from a spectrum of colors including Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Sand, Orange, or White to match your workspace aesthetic.

Safety and stability are paramount, and the Steptek Mobile Steps deliver on both fronts. Spring-loaded castors ensure that the feet lower to the ground under the operator’s weight, maximizing stability and safety during operation. This innovative design feature enhances manoeuvrability while minimizing the risk of accidents. With options ranging from 2 to 5 treads, including the platform, these steps are adaptable to various height requirements. The platform, made from formed sheet steel, offers a choice of Ribbed Rubber or Anti-Slip surfaces, ensuring user comfort and traction. For added safety, Ribbed Rubber treads are supplied with tread clamps to ensure high visibility and prevent edge peeling. Steps featuring 3, 4, or 5 treads are equipped with hinged stabilizers, providing extra stability when working at height, further enhancing the safety of these indispensable tools. Built to withstand a maximum load of 150kg, these steps are the epitome of reliability and performance in industrial settings.