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QMP’s 955mm height school lockers are designed to offer durable and secure storage solutions for educational environments. These lockers are manufactured in the UK with a focus on quality and safety, featuring reinforced doors and welded seams for enhanced strength and longevity. The compact 955mm height makes them ideal for primary schools or areas with limited space, ensuring that younger students can easily access their belongings.

Each locker is equipped with ventilation holes to promote airflow and prevent the build-up of odours, maintaining a fresh environment. The lockers also come with a variety of locking mechanisms, including standard key locks, padlock fittings, and coin-operated locks, providing flexibility to meet different security needs. The sleek, powder-coated finish is available in multiple colours, allowing schools to choose options that match their aesthetic preferences and create a vibrant, engaging atmosphere.

QMP’s school lockers are also designed with ease of use in mind. The smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces ensure that maintenance is straightforward, while the anti-bacterial powder coating helps to reduce the spread of germs, supporting a healthier school environment. These features, combined with the robust construction and customizable options, make QMP’s 955mm height lockers a practical and reliable choice for educational institutions looking to enhance their storage facilities.